H2N0: Mechanical Systems and Moisture Control

H2N0: Mechanical Systems and Moisture Control
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This guide is intended for architects, mechanical engineers, building science researchers, building product manufacturers and home owners to help evaluate, design and retrofit HVAC systems for better moisture removal and control.

The material in this book can be put to use in several ways-these systems work; they can and have been built-and it that sense this is how-to book.

By Andrew C. Äsk, P.E.
ISBN 978-0-9755127-9-1
424 pages

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Author : Andrew C. Äsk
ISBN : 978-0-9755127-9-1
Publisher: Building Science Press
Published Date: June 2008

Andrew C. Äsk is an independent HVAC consulting engineer in Cape Coral, Florida. He is a life member of ASHRAE and has been a licensed professional engineer since 1969.

He received an undergraduate degree in Engineering Operations from Iowa State University and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Akron School of Law.

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