2011 Ventilation Guide

2011 Ventilation Guide
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This 2011 Fully Updated guide presents a variety of recommendations for improving indoor air quality in residential buildings through controlled mechanical ventilation. These recommendations are intended to illustrate principles of best practice.


By Armin Rudd
ISBN 0-9755127-6-5

118 pages

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Author : Armin Rudd
ISBN : 10:0-9755127-6-5
Publisher: Building Science Press
Published Date: 2011
Format : Paperback
Armin Rudd has been a principal engineer at Building Science Corporation since 1999. He conducts analysis, design, inspection, research and development of building mechanical systems and building envelopes. His activities focus on the overall production homebuilding industry and commercial building moisture investigations.

He has published many technical papers, contract reports, research reports and proposals. He received the Distinguished Researcher Award in 1997 from the University of Central Florida, Institute and Centers. He holds nine U.S. patents including HVAC control methods and metal-wood framing member designs.

For more information about Armin, go to www.arminrudd.com.

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